Proven to help raise test scores, Master Guru® is a fun, educational, learning tool that is based on the State Standards; over 2,000 questions per grade in
English, Science, Math, and Social Studies.

Master Guru® is designed to help students build “critical thinking” skills across four core subjects
in an exciting, motivational, and innovative format. This fun, learning approach has been proven
to increase student involvement and preparation time for state exams, and in turn it raises test scores.

Master Guru® is a tremendous teaching tool educators use
to supplement and enhance the learning of the curriculum.

The acclaimed Master Guru® Educational Software,
currently used by over 100,000 elementary students,
is now available online and ready for use in your classroom and/or at home,
no matter what state you teach in!

Master Guru® will help prepare your students for your State's exams in a fun, motivational format.

There is no other Online Educational Software like Master Guru®!

Master Guru® CD-ROM and Board Games

are also available while supplies last!

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