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Dorota Echavarry is a multi-disciplinary artist, poet, dancer, choreographer and actress.

She is co-founder of the Morning Star Centre for Healing and the Arts which hosts international dance and visual arts workshops in the Madawaska Valley. She also co-founded the Golden Caravan Theatre, a children's touring company that integrated storytelling, dance and mime with the circus arts of clowning, acrobatics and juggling.

Dorota has choreographed dramatic movement pieces for four fine art videos in which she collaborated with an international group of dancers, musicians and visual artists. Poetry from her self-illustrated book 'Soulspaces' provides a soundscape for the 'I Am' video production. She continues to write poetry and do dramatic public readings of her work.

Edwin Echavarry is a multi-disciplinary artist, videographer, sculptor, painter, graphic artist and arts educator, as well as a mime and clown.

He is founder of Morning Star Centre Video Productions which creates fine arts videos that are both visually stunning and lyrically evocative in content. Recent productions include ‘Chanson Triste’, ‘Flashback! Yes, the Erroll Starr Days!’, 'Temple of the Jaguar', 'Ice Shaman and the Woman In Waiting' with music by Ian Tamblyn and 'I Am' a collaborative production with European and North American dancers, visual artists and musicians.

Edwin is co-founder of the Morning Star Centre for Healing and the Arts which attracts contemporary international arts instructors. These guests provide a never ending inspirational resource for Edwin's video productions.

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Morning Star’s music, experimental and fine art videos capture the rich and vivid imagery of professional dancers, circus artists and musicians improvising and performing in the dance studio and outdoors.

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The healing rural setting of the Morning Star Centre makes it an ideal place to host performing and visual arts workshops and residencies. Professional instructors come to Morning Star to inspire and be inspired by the natural beauty of the scenic countryside and the Centre’s 30’x 40’ sunny studio. Dance, circus and martial arts, yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong are just some of the movement disciplines which call Morning Star home.

The Centre is open from the July 1st long weekend to the October Thanksgiving Day long weekend.

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The Centre welcomes visiting visual artists to facilitate workshops and to guide others in creating digital and video art, sculptures, and paintings. Creative writing, journaling and sketching help participants process their inner visions while experiencing the healing benefits of the movement arts and nature.


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