Paul Richmond

Writer, Artist, Performer, Educator & Videographer.

With over 30 years of experience in teaching and performing, Paul's shows focus on Self-Expression, Self-Awareness, Self Esteem, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Mutual Respect, Working in Groups, Decision Making and Pushing Beyond Failure.

His shows and workshops take into account these themes as well as many others and with the use of a variety of props, a little story telling and humor, audiences of all ages are entertained, amazed, and left with food for thought.

Paul's latest book: No Guarantees - Adjust & Continue

Here's a review by Jonathan von Ransom...

Paul Richmond has published a glossy-covered little book of irreverent, funny poems. He calls them "stories," and they are that too, most with a moral, or a peek into us showing that we all would be seconds if we were merchandise. He writes in a really loose, train-of-consciousness style that is easy to follow, inexplicably hilarious, and reminds me of Ginsberg and Beat poetry. The book is R-rated, you'd have to say.

I strongly recommend not waiting for him to read these stories at the All Small Caps nights. Owning a copy of "No Guarantees -- Adjust and Continue" is like having Paul Richmond at his best right in your pocket . . . and anybody who knows Paul knows what a treat that is, 'cause Paul's generally not in anybody's pocket!

Paul's Collage Art

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